Friday, June 7, 2013

Juicing for Health

Long ago, when my kids were little, I bought a juicer.  I used it for several years, then gradually stopped.  For a long time it sat on a shelf.  But after my health issues (resulting from major stress in most areas of my life in late 2012), I was motivated to start juicing again.  Ever since March, I have been juicing several times a week.  I like to include more than just orange and apple, adding carrots especially, and occasionally even beets.  Carrots and beets give a surprisingly good flavor, although it takes getting used to.  Now I love it.  I am also getting Paul, and even Tyler to drink it.  (Since originally posting this I have been juicing my oranges in the citrus juicer that attaches to my mixer.  This save the hassle of peeling oranges, one of my most hated tasks for juicing.  Obviously there is more to wash, but it saves time - just cut the oranges in half - and my poor thumbs which tend to get sore peeling oranges!)  Thankfully my juicer is a good model (Champion), and has lasted these years.  I did replace the juicing blade (they get worn down over time), but it works as well now as it did in the 90's.  It feels good to take care of oneself!

The fruit and the juicer, ready to go!

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