Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bathroom Remodel, Part III

The sink is in, the towel bar awaits its ascension into place, the woodwork for around the doorframe is being thought about, and here Paul is working on the medicine chest. The only problem is that he will have to take it out and adjust it - the backboard has the tiniest warp in the wood. It is not noticeable, but it is enough that the door won't close properly when the shelves are in, because the warp pushes the shelves forward. Paul is going to do something (I have no idea what, but since he is a fine woodworker, I trust him) to press the warp out and back. Sigh. Although really, I can't complain. I have a working bathroom that is lovely. It would just be nice to have it all finished so I can put things back and have everything "just so"!

Preparing the opening for the medicine chest installation (the tongue at the corner of the mouth is a necessary tool for proper installation!)

A trial fitting. It looks so lovely, but alas it cannot stay just yet!

The Beauteous Donnie Has An Adventure

After months of being trapped inside the house, I allowed Donnie (who unlike our other cat will go outside and not venture far) to have a short interlude out in the late winter sunshine. He is a most photogenic cat!

How Fortunate We Are...

...to have a pair of Cardinals living in our fir tree. They feed at our feeder in the cherry tree (the squirrel baffle that protects it from non-bird predation from above is mounded with fallen snow in the photo below), they provide chirpy music that I have learned to recognize (and always reminds me to check the feeder and make sure it is stocked with birdseed), and every time I see them in my backyard I feel extremely lucky and blessed. Here is the male, beautiful bright red against a recent snowstorm: