Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our New Home Office Space

Paul and I have had our computer in our bedroom since the beginning of time.  This is inconvenient, as I am a *bit* of a night owl, especially now that I am back in school, and Paul goes to bed at a reasonable time.  So, on those nights I was still on the computer, he would have to contend with clacking keys and the warm glow of the computer screen.  I would have to contend with squinting my eyes to type in said warm glow of the computer screen.  

Last year we completely remodeled our walk-in closet.  Out intention was to move the computer in there, but other things got in the way.  Finally we have done it!  We got a new computer table that fits better into the space that the old, icky one would have, got a new office chair, and a new lateral file cabinet, which appears as though it will hold monumental amounts of papers (and won't tip over onto our feet like the old one).  

I got some organizers: pencil cup, paper clip cup, and a multi-storage...thing (seen to the left of the monitor).  I also purged and purged.  I got rid of so much unnecessary junk, such as CD's for printers we haven't owned for years, old papers stacked on and around the desk, and a lot of dust.  I am in the process of sorting and purging all of the files.  Some are neatly in their new home; the rest are on the floor of my room (must not get overwhelmed, must not get overwhelmed), because I wanted that old piece of junk to go out with this week's garbage - buh-bye!

Anyway, here it is:

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kitchen Organizing

I have been doing a fair amount of organizing lately.  Often it has been in the kitchen, slowly trying to make my small space more user friendly.  I recently hunted for and found two unrelated storage containers for my appliance storage cabinet.  Previously I had all of my large and small mixer whisks, dough hook, large and small processing blades, and baking pans and dishes jumbled together in a messy way.  So I got one plastic storage bin for the whisks and dough hook (had to be tall-ish because the dough hook is an odd shape that sits high).  Then I got a sturdy square gift box to place the large and small food processor blades in.  I had Paul move down the shelf so access to the pans and baking items would be easier.  I also gave all a thorough cleaning.  I am pleased.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Book from Childhood, Found!

It is amazing what going through closets full of junk will net you.  

As Tyler has progressed into reading, much on his own now, I was thinking of books from my childhood that I loved.  My grandparents were always wonderful sources of books for me.  Every birthday, I received a book.  I had been remembering a book that I loved, that I knew Tyler would also like.  But I was afraid that I had given it away years ago (although I cannot image having done that - still I could not find it).  It is called The Children in the Jungle by Leif Krantz.  It is about three children and their toy troll who begin to paint the walls like a jungle, and everything they paint comes to life, leading them on a amazing adventure.  I looked for it online, thinking, "Oh, I'll just order one."  No, not happening.  It was unavailable, one copy had sold for $105.  I gave up, hoping someday I would find it again.  That day has come!

I was planning on uncluttering my closet and the back porch.  Some items I had planned on putting in Robert's closet.  When I opened it, however, the closet had other ideas.  Jam-packed full of stuff.  I uncluttered that and his room.  Lo and behold, I found the book!  I was so happy.  I read it to Tyler that night, and he loved it as much as I did.  

Here are some pictures:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Juicing for Health

Long ago, when my kids were little, I bought a juicer.  I used it for several years, then gradually stopped.  For a long time it sat on a shelf.  But after my health issues (resulting from major stress in most areas of my life in late 2012), I was motivated to start juicing again.  Ever since March, I have been juicing several times a week.  I like to include more than just orange and apple, adding carrots especially, and occasionally even beets.  Carrots and beets give a surprisingly good flavor, although it takes getting used to.  Now I love it.  I am also getting Paul, and even Tyler to drink it.  (Since originally posting this I have been juicing my oranges in the citrus juicer that attaches to my mixer.  This save the hassle of peeling oranges, one of my most hated tasks for juicing.  Obviously there is more to wash, but it saves time - just cut the oranges in half - and my poor thumbs which tend to get sore peeling oranges!)  Thankfully my juicer is a good model (Champion), and has lasted these years.  I did replace the juicing blade (they get worn down over time), but it works as well now as it did in the 90's.  It feels good to take care of oneself!

The fruit and the juicer, ready to go!