Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kitchen Organizing

I have been doing a fair amount of organizing lately.  Often it has been in the kitchen, slowly trying to make my small space more user friendly.  I recently hunted for and found two unrelated storage containers for my appliance storage cabinet.  Previously I had all of my large and small mixer whisks, dough hook, large and small processing blades, and baking pans and dishes jumbled together in a messy way.  So I got one plastic storage bin for the whisks and dough hook (had to be tall-ish because the dough hook is an odd shape that sits high).  Then I got a sturdy square gift box to place the large and small food processor blades in.  I had Paul move down the shelf so access to the pans and baking items would be easier.  I also gave all a thorough cleaning.  I am pleased.

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