Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our New Home Office Space

Paul and I have had our computer in our bedroom since the beginning of time.  This is inconvenient, as I am a *bit* of a night owl, especially now that I am back in school, and Paul goes to bed at a reasonable time.  So, on those nights I was still on the computer, he would have to contend with clacking keys and the warm glow of the computer screen.  I would have to contend with squinting my eyes to type in said warm glow of the computer screen.  

Last year we completely remodeled our walk-in closet.  Out intention was to move the computer in there, but other things got in the way.  Finally we have done it!  We got a new computer table that fits better into the space that the old, icky one would have, got a new office chair, and a new lateral file cabinet, which appears as though it will hold monumental amounts of papers (and won't tip over onto our feet like the old one).  

I got some organizers: pencil cup, paper clip cup, and a multi-storage...thing (seen to the left of the monitor).  I also purged and purged.  I got rid of so much unnecessary junk, such as CD's for printers we haven't owned for years, old papers stacked on and around the desk, and a lot of dust.  I am in the process of sorting and purging all of the files.  Some are neatly in their new home; the rest are on the floor of my room (must not get overwhelmed, must not get overwhelmed), because I wanted that old piece of junk to go out with this week's garbage - buh-bye!

Anyway, here it is:

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