Saturday, March 6, 2010

Such A Deal!

Paul and I went on a woodwork hunt this past Wednesday. We were searching for Victorian-style baseboards for the Julie/Tyler room as well as porch railing to replace the rotting handrails on our front porch. In our new financial mode, we went to several places to find the best deal while still finding something we like and something Paul will find easy to work with on the porch.

As usual, the Home Depot in Glenview answered our need. We found a gorgeous baseboard that this store was discontinuing, and we found enough for the one room! In fact, the supply they had left was just a little more than we needed, so we bought them out (it never hurts to have a little extra, in case of mistakes). Usually oak woodwork such as this can sell for anywhere from $2.80 on up per linear foot. The price on this sale was $1.29 per linear foot. We looked to see if any of the other Home Depots in our area are also discontinuing this. Then we would have baseboards for our bedroom (oh delight!). But sadly, at this time, none of the others are discontinuing it, so their prices are $4.50 per foot. But no concern - we have so much to keep us busy, so maybe by the time we're freed up to work on our room another store may have a sale.

Today Paul worked on an icky window in our upper hall. It's way up high, not really functional because you'd have to stand on a stool to even try to get it open. But it lets in light, so is useful in that. Anyway, it has been sitting there, without any woodwork, the sash weights in view, and the old cracklin' paint right out there. Paul removed the sashes so they can be scraped and painted. He scraped the inner part of the window where the sashes slide, and he leveled off the side with some thin wood, so the new woodwork will lie flat when installed. Tomorrow is more scraping and then priming.

It's almost time to buy the paint! I decided that I really wanted a sort of cream yellow for the foyer, stairway walls and and upper hall. I have dubbed the color I have in mind "crellow", and I found my crellow on a paint chip sample from the paint store. This is all very exciting!

While Paul did that I took care of Tyler (Julie was at work). He ended up falling asleep, so I cleaned my dining room. Boy did it need it. I did a "deep clean", getting every part practically, dusting washing, vacuuming, mopping, and uncluttering. It took so long. But it looks divine.