Monday, August 22, 2016

Vacation Photos - Wrapping Up

And so our vacation came to a close.  I do hope we can return here someday.  It was a marvelous place to go.  Although I am not usually that big on travel, the rest of the family is, and I want to be able to make more memories like these.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vacation Photos (Captiva Cruises)

We went on two cruises while we were in Captiva, on a boat called the Lady Chadwick.  We saw dolphins and other wildlife, and Tyler got to drive the boat.

Lady Chadwick

Flying Dolphin. 
Kristin captured dozens of dolphin photos for us.  
This one was the best.

The captain, teaching Ty the ropes.

All by himself -

Sierra and Robert - I love Sierra's impish smile in this one.

Julie and Ty

Paul, Ty, and me

Night falls on the water.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Vacation Photos (Julie on the Beach at Night)

This is an awesome photo of Julie, taken in the dark of night on the beach.  Jordan was able to adjust the camera to get this interesting shot in spite of the dark.

Julie dancing on the beach at night

Vacation Photos (The Beach)

We loved the beach.  Two of the days had enormous waves during the afternoon, which we jumped in for hours it seemed.  I had forgotten how much I loved that.  And Ty was so brave, jumping over and into the waves just like the rest of us.  These photos were taken on a day where we weren't chasing big waves, so we looked for shells and waded.

Beautiful beach

Paul and me

Ty Boy

A long-haired photo

Last bit of fun before sunset

Vacation Photos (Various Things - Flora and Fauna)

Here are some random things we found intriguing on our trip.

Cutest bunny ever!

(night shot) 

These frogs were actually tiny 

Unusual plant

Vacation Photos (Tyler Fun)

Photos continued...

Tyler Fun:

Sanibel Sea School 
(at Captiva's South Seas Resort where we stayed, link here)

Ty did two half-days at Sea School, and loved it.  
He learned tons.

Ty and Angel, one of his instructors.

Sea School decor.

Ty got to stuff and decorate a dolphin stuffed animal.  
He named him "Jack"!

Happy Boy

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Vacation Photos! (Lodgings and Interesting Places)

I have been a very bad blogger lately.  Either too busy or too tired and unorganized to get a post together.  I have been meaning to post these photos for two months.

We went to South Sea Resort on Captiva Island, Florida.  It was lovely.  I was so glad to have the entire family together.  And I was so happy that Tyler finally had a "real" vacation, and his first airplane ride.

Our lodgings:

Our building

Spiral staircase to the loft!

Loft bedroom 
(there were two additional bedrooms downstairs, 
plus a sleeper sofa, to fit all of us in.)

View from the loft, taken by Kristin 

Interesting places:

Trolley for traveling about the resort

The Arcade

Scoops Ice Cream and Candy Shop

Cantina Captiva with the family

The view from Saint Isabel's Church.  
We went to Mass there on the Sunday of our trip.

Stayed tuned - more to come!