Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow Baby!

We bought Tyler his first pair of snow boots on Monday. We've had deep snows here lately and wanted him to experience it. We think Tyler misses his almost daily walks in the fresh air. So we bundled him up and ventured into the backyard. He was a little bit scared and wanted to hold our hands while walking in the drifts, which went up to above his knees. He tasted the snow and found it...interesting!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Samosas and a New Cookbook!

I got a wonderful new cookbook a while back. It is a whole grain baking book from the King Arthur Flour Company:

One of the main reasons I got is was so that I could have a recipe for whole wheat puff pastry and turnover dough. I haven't tried the puff pastry yet, but I did try the turnover dough recipe. I used it to make one of my family's favorite meals - Samosas (a traditional east Indian food). I serve them with a sauce made of garam masala and mango chutney - YUM!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Quote

“When love and duty are one, grace is within you.”

This is from the movie The Painted Veil. (Note: This movie is absolutely not recommended for young viewers due to certain scenes and behaviors of the main characters.) It is a quote from one of the characters, a Catholic nun in China, describing how mundane work can become holy. As soon as I heard it, I jotted it down on a Post-it and stuck it on my refrigerator door, because it is the sort of inspiration I need when I am cleaning dishes and yuck out of the kitchen sink for the third time in one day, or when folding the umpteenth load of laundry. If I can just intersperse love of the people I am working for into the task (duty), I can elevate a simple task well above how it appears simply on the surface.