Sunday, August 31, 2008

Galena, IL

We took a rare family trip to Galena, IL. Galena is a small town near the Illinois-Iowa border, full of history and hills:

A view from above the town, looking down to Main street.

A gorgeous painted lady. I was so inspired - I now know what colors to use for my own home the next time it is due to be painted!

This is an historic garden designed by Catholic immigrants so that they could pray the Stations of the Cross. (If you look close you can see some of the numbers for the Stations where the people would kneel to pray.)

Here are Paul and the kids on the trolley tour. Paul is holding Tyler (for whom we purchased a t-shirt that reads, "Spoiled by Grandpa"!), and next to him are Kristin, Julie, and Robert. The kids enjoyed the trip much more than we anticipated. I think the thing that most pleased them was one evening when we went over the border for the Dubuque County Fair. While Paul and I took Tyler on kiddie rides (Paul and Tyler on the Scoobie Doo Bus was a sight to behold!) and toured the livestock ("Bunny!" "Cow!"), they went to hear a concert on the grounds which was, in their view, "Awesome"!