Saturday, February 11, 2012


“For a needlewoman embroidery is like the poet taking up the pen; it expresses her deepest longing.” Ruby Pratt, Lark Rise to Candleford

My Tea Ladies and I have been watching the wonderful series, Lark Rise to Candleford. Which is a story about two nearby towns of very different types of people, and the interactions they have with each other. It is set in the 1890's, with stunning costumes, and a really fun story. We watched an episode last night while having our tea and late dinner. The quote above is spoken by one of the characters regarding a mysterious piece of embroidery that was found in a graveyard.

I have been thinking I would like to embroider again. It is a useful art when parked in front of the TV. But I never thought of it as romantically as Ruby Pratt does!

Where On Earth Have I Been?!

My poor neglected blog. There is a good reason, however. I became ill mid-January, and am only now coming out of it. I have named the illness the Infinity Virus. The whole family got one form or the other. The worst part was losing my voice all these four weeks. For almost a week and a half I could not speak at all. I can speak now, rather rasp-ily, but cannot sing. I hope to post more now that healing in happening. At least I hope it is. This has all been going on so long, I feel as though it will never end.