Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gardening, At Last!

I was thisclose to giving up on gardening this year.  It has been so cold this spring, so much going on in our lives.  But today it was warm.  Paul was off work, and after we did some house painting, we decided to go pick out some plants.  I got going, and accomplished a lot today.

Our plants, flowers and vegetables

Seeds to sow, better late than never (lets hope it stays cool for the peas!)

Peas are sown in the back, a lone zucchini is in front, to take over the trellis and its own cage once the peas are finished, and three herb plants to reflect my new interest in healthy (and tasty) cooking: basil, cilantro, and tarragon (chives are in an adjacent box, they always come up there with no help from me!).

The Swiss chard is sown in the back of this box, two peppers, one green, one red, and in the front corners are tiny marigold plants that came up on their own here and in another square-foot box (I moved them to a more pleasing placement).

We also planted five tomato plants and the flowers, did some weeding.  It was getting dark when we were done.  I'll have to look at it all again tomorrow.  But I'm glad we planted!

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