Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tea Towel Craft

A long time ago, I had prepared a tea towel craft for a group of friends to work on at a tea. I had purchased a nice waffle-weave toweling fabric, and cut and hemmed all of the edges. I had a pretty pink lace trim for us to handstitch to each end. The event never materialized as planned, and the craft lay abandoned in a storage box in my basement.

I began thinking about it when I saw that my current kitchen towels were becoming worn and stained. These were inexpensive towels I found at my mother's house after she passed. I sewed little plastic rings to the middle of one edge of each towel, to hang on other side of the sink - one towel for hands, one for dishes:

I decided to go ahead and stitch the lace trim and plastic rings on two of the craft towels and see how they worked in the kitchen. Although they are very pretty, I do believe they are a little to fancy for kitchen work:

So I took the other towels and just sewed the rings on, leaving off any trim:

Finally, I removed the rings from the fancy towels and gave them a new home in my downstairs bathroom. I do believe they look lovely!

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