Saturday, September 8, 2007

Critter Control in the Square Foot Garden

At the start of our harvest season in our garden, the animals were beginning to chomp on some of our tender vegetables. I was particularly dismayed one day to find our first, almost-ripe tomato that had been chewed. How disappointing! I love animals, but I was a little put off by them that day.

So, Paul and I consulted the SQFT garden book and learned how to make some critter-control structures. These are simply 1/2" PVC piping (found in the plumbing section of your local home improvement store) cut to size, curved into an arc, and stuck into the edges of the SQFT box. A cross piece is then added to the top with cable ties, and netting is then draped over the entire thing. We have to find a better way to hold down the netting for next year. The blocks we have here are too large and we trip over them.

Eggplant and tomatoes, with geraniums.

Another view, with the southwest garden box and its critter control.

A special little "critter" I found in my garden!

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