Thursday, August 23, 2007

Safe, Warm, and Dry At Home!

Today we have had extremely severe storms. At one point, I woke up a sleeping Tyler and ran to the basement due to the high winds and dark skies. Later, I needed to pick up Robbie from (his first day at) school. Football practice had been cancelled due to a near tornado. The getting there wasn't bad, but the going home took over an hour due to needing to alter the route I took. That was because of extreme traffic and downed trees.

But while I was crawling through traffic, Robbie told me all about his first day, the scary time in the basement of school when there was a tornado warning in that area, and the people he met. He also did a bit of homework (a new concept for a formerly homeschooled boy!). I had called home and asked Kristin to put the bread that was rising on the counter into the oven, so we had fresh bread upon arrival. I also decided to try my aunt's mac'n'cheese recipe tonight - comfort food - I needed it!

The storm rages on outside, but we are safe and dry!

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