Monday, July 30, 2007

Missing Robert

I sent my baby boy, (well actually he is 15 years old!) to Philmont Scout Ranch a week and a half ago. There is no contact, due to their locale (no cell phones, camping out in the boonies). This is the longest Robert has been away from us. I am going a little crazy wondering how he is. Is the food okay, did he get sunburnt, is he getting along with the others? To compound my worries, a story appeared in the news that several boys were struck by lightening at Philmont. Four of the boys are from a nearby town to us. Thankfully they are okay; it wasn't a direct hit. They are back to their scouting activities. The hardest part for me is that Robbie was in the same area of the strike either that same day, or just a day before (I'm not entirely clear on his trail schedule).

But he will be home this coming Saturday. I will be so glad to see him. I know that he will most likely ask to go out for pizza at his favorite place - Giordano's. After two weeks of trail food and freeze-dried dinners, he will be ravenous!

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