Friday, July 27, 2007

Baking Bread

I am a very happy lady. Paul and I were discussing bread baking, and how much we like homemade bread. I have an old grain mill that fits on my Champion juicer, but it was wearing down and not working properly. We decided to invest in a new grain mill, a Nutrimill. It is delightful. It is simple to use (unlike the Champion), simple to clean, and fast.

I have made two batches of bread since we got it. I was having some difficulty with over-rising. In winter-time, using a second rise after the dough had been mixed and kneaded in the Bosch mixer worked fine, due to our rather drafty house keeping the indoor temperature cool. But in the warm summer, with our A/C not really keeping up, the dough became over-risen and collapsed. So for summer baking, I will now just let the Bosch knead the bread and let it rise once in the bread pans. For winter, I will first let the dough rise in a bowl, then again for a second time in the pans.

Here is one of the loaves I made using the single rise for summer:

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