Saturday, July 28, 2007

Taming the Square Foot Garden

My Square Foot Garden is doing tremendously well, but it was getting a little scary with all of the rain and its resulting growth of plants. I needed to go in and restore order before nature took over!

The watermelon plant was particularly scary!

After working on it:

All clear!


The results, freshly picked!


humblelabor said...

Your garden is lovely! I've been working on my garden lately and it's such rewarding work, even beyond the reward of the harvest.

Best wishes,
(found your blog through the Sense and Sensibility forum)

Celeste said...

Thanks Emily! I have found Square-Foot Gardening to be so much easier than the old way. I'm still learning, especially what plants work best in my garden. I'm so looking forward to the coming spring!