Saturday, September 8, 2007


I have some photos to share of some of our garden successes. By far the tomatoes, radishes, carrots, and eggplant did the best. Also our acorn squash and watermelon. I must caution though - watermelon and cantaloupe take up so much space with their sprawling leaves. I don't think we'll plant them next year. Plus the cantaloupe did not produce fruit yet, except for tiny ones that did not mature. Maybe there is still hope that something will happen before the cold arrives.

Cherry tomatoes - I love to go into the garden and just graze on these, right off the vine!

Our watermelon, just about ready to eat. (This one set fruit in the row in between the garden boxes - as I said, it just sprawled everywhere, and except for some occasional pruning, we left it alone.)

Acorn squash, with Nasturtiums.

Our prize eggplant, harvested, and ready to be turned into Eggplant Parmesan!

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