Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Longaberger Umbrella Stand

After three years of waiting for a decent price, I finally got the wrought iron stand for my Longaberger umbrella basket! It is so much more sturdy in its stand. I dragged the basket out from its hidden-away corner and put it in a place of prominence in my foyer. I also realized , after all this time, that I had put the pretty floral liner in the basket inside-out. I guess I was thinking that the pretty side should be out, totally forgetting that the basket obscures the outside, except for the ruffle. Do I feel sheepish! If I had the basket in a more visible place prior to this, I might have realized it sooner. But I do like how it looks now:

Today, we lost power for 4 hours, due to the utility company doing some maintenance. It was very interesting to see myself without my usual conveniences. What to do? I couldn't watch TV, so I read my Liturgy of the Hours instruction book and prayed. I couldn't listen to music, so I made my own by practicing my harp (and I am pleased to report that I have broken through a tempo "plateau" of sorts on a piece that was troubling me for weeks). I was able to light the burners on my stove manually with a match (rather than the click-click-click of the electric starter), and made some butternut squash soup and hot tea for my lunch. I also was able to clean. Even without the vacuum, I got a lot done, including the upstairs bathroom - my least favorite cleaning area.

Part of this inspired cleaning has to do with a new system I am looking into. It is a home management binder. I read about it online and just ordered one called "Orderly Days" from Motherhood Press. It is a Catholic planner/binder that incorporates the liturgical year into the calendar. It even has a finger Rosary attached to one of the rings of the binder! Using a binder for home tasks is an organized way of going about one's life. I need this badly, since I am the sort who is easily distracted. (More on this once I receive the binder in the mail!)


Lynn in NH said...

I do look forward to your comments on the Catholic planner! I am still trying to find the planner/calendar or list keeper that is just right for me. A planner is only good if you use it, and I haven't yet found one that I love to use.

Celeste said...


I finally got myself (and my planner) together! I posted on it (11/28 entry). I did add some forms to the planner to fit my needs, which I detailed in my more recent post, but all in all it is very nice. I will post an update on it in about a month to share the other "tweaks" I plan to do to it to make it personally my own! Thanks for your comments.