Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kitchen Moving Along

Paul has finished the cabinet install, and the countertop man came and measured for the countertops!  We're just waiting for that, could be one to three weeks he said.  We are going to install a contraption for the blind corner, a device that swings out so you can get at the things stored in aforementioned blind corner. Pots and pans storage, where one does not have to lift two to get to the third, clanking clanking, and kathunkadoodling to get the one you want! (Update: unfortunately, the device did not work with our particular blind corner; the opening of the cabinet needs to be larger than what we have or it cuts off too much of the doorway opening; we had to return it - sad!).

In the meantime, we are able to cook a bit.  The stove and oven are gorgeous, work very well; we can microwave.  Once the countertops are in, Paul can hook up the sink.  He has already done a lot of preliminary plumbing, so the hooking up should go smoothly (famous last words?!).

I must confess that I have been climbing the walls in this here home stretch.  I am irritable and sometimes depressed.  It's just getting to me.  It's very hard to keep one's composure when the chaos and lack of functionality is a daily trial.

Anyway, here are some updated photos:

Stove side, blind corner cabinet is to the left, doors/drawers will be attached later.

Southeast side, small spice unit next to fridge (needs its door/face).  Note: we still are keeping large cardboard sheets on the floor to protect the new floor while we are working).

Sink side, the dishwasher will be elevated two inches, so it is level with the counter.

Blind Corner Unit photo, how it looks inside with the door closed.

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