Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Resurrected Ballgown

Did you ever have one of those dreams where you walk into an area of your house that you never knew was there before, and it's really awesome? I had a similar (real) experience this week with a Civil War Ballgown.

I had started a lovely ballgown five years ago that I boxed up in frustration after a problem with the taffeta I was using: apparently the needle I was sewing with was either not sharp enough, or had a burr on it, because it was making these odd lines in the fabric, almost like a run, but not as bad. It looked gargantuan to me and I abandoned the project. So, it's been sitting down there in the basement and I didn't know what to do with it. I had thought of taking it out many times, even of throwing it out, but it was silk taffeta that, even though it was purchased on a great sale, it was still a lot of money.

I am needing a ballgown in either March or April for Civil War balls that I am just dying to go to. I decided to assess the situation in the basement box. I thought I might have enough fabric to re-do the parts that had concerned me previously. The bad news was that there wasn't really enough to re-do. The good news is that the areas I was concerned about are no big deal. Either time has improved it (unlikely) or my standards have lowered, or could it simply be that with time and work I have let go of much of the perfectionism that has blighted my life? Whatever the reason, I am ecstatic! A project well on its way already, most of the dreary stuff done.

So, I began ironing the skirt panels to be sewn together, and the skirt lining, while listening to one of my favorite sewing CD's Harpestry (seen above on one of the lilac taffeta skirt panels). The bodice itself just needs to have the side seams and piping done; I had done the lining and interlining, some assembly, and the eyelets for the back closure already.

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