Monday, June 30, 2008


I have decided to write about some sewing projects. Most of my projects have either been on hold since my grandson was born almost two years ago, or are in that "almost done" state that if I could just get going, they'd be done. But I am finding time to work a bit here and there.

I am currently working in two eras: Civil War and Edwardian. For Civil War I am finishing a day dress, and hope to have it done for an event in twelve days. I have hooks and eyes to sew, sleeves to put on (the cuffs and handsewn buttonholes are complete), and the bodice needs to be sewn to the skirt (the skirt is also done). I would like to start a new vest for Paul. The one I made last year is really too small. But if I can't do that, he can still go to the event; he'll just need to keep his coat fastened.

Finally, my Edwardian project is a Beatrix Potter skirt. I have it cut out already, and the sewing is not difficult; I just need to get to it. The skirt is to go with the Beatrix jacket I made before. I actually had planned to have it for a Beatrix Potter Tea I will be hosting. The date for the tea has been changed twice. Once, because my sister forgot and scheduled something else for the first date (and I really want her to be here for the tea), the second delay was because Paul got sick. But now I have rescheduled it for Labor Day weekend, and I so much want to become Beatrix for the day!

I love sewing and making dresses from the past. It is one of my favorite pastimes!


ZipZipInkspot said...

I am glad to hear that your husband is mending and that you are finding balance once again. Urgent or chronic, stress and illness impact families so heavily...they have ours in the past, too.

Glad to hear that the Beatrix tea was rescheduled! Kept looking for a post on the Sensibility board that it had occurred. Our tea has been postponed too, until September. We need the time, too: my friends' skirts have yet to be finished and my dress is wayyyy behind :)

Very best,

Natalie in Kentucky

Christy said...

Please share pictures when they are finished!!
Have a Happy 4th of July!!