Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Orderly Days

As promised, I am going to share my new home management binder, Orderly Days by Motherhood Press (Update 10/13/08: Sadly, the website seems to be down right now. I don't know why or when it might return.) I am the type of person that really needs a schedule, yet I tend to balk against one. This, in spite of the fact that if I have a to-do list, I get tons more done than without one. So, I am giving this a try. I wanted to have everything in one place: calendar, to-do lists, chore schedules, grocery lists, menus, phone and address pages, etc. This binder has several sections with these types of features, tabbed for easy location.

I also wanted to "tweak" my binder to make it more useful to me personally. So I bought some extra forms that fit this size binder. (I bought Day Runner fillers, but any brand of the correct size would do.) I like to have a full-length, daily check list for appointments and to-do's, so I got daily pages for that. All I do is fill in the date and whatever needs to be done. I also got extra name and address forms. I also wanted a plastic pencil holder for pens, dry erase markers, and index tabs. Finally I also wanted plastic protector sheets so I could put the daily chore lists in them and cross off the tasks with the dry erase markers each day, then erase to be ready for the next. I ended up needing to temporarily remove some of the Orderly Days forms for the future (I took out about 6 months worth, which will be put back in once I've used up the other ones) in order to make room for these additions.

I'm not done getting it right yet! I still have to write up and print my daily chore lists to be put in the plastic protectors. And I haven't filled out the name and address section yet. But all in time (which I hope to have more of now that I am getting oganized!). So far, I have been much better about getting my tasks (both work and play) done. This system also helps me keep on track with regular prayer time.

Here are a few pictures, showing some of the features and my "tweaks":
Pencil holders for pens, markers, and index tabs

Weekly organizational page, plus the Day Runner "Today" page

The weekly goals list, stressing spiritual growth as well as family and personal needs

The binder, closed up and ready for tomorrow!


Soleil said...

Hi! Your blog is really nice.
I was just wondering if you have any info on the Orderly Days. The website to order is unavailable. Might you have any contact info (email address or phone). Might you know where I can get an Orderly Days?

Celeste said...

Oh, you are right, the website seems to be down. How disappointing. I hope they will be back up, haven't gone out of business. I can't find anything online as to why the site is down.