Friday, February 12, 2016

Lent Is Upon Us (But First, A King Cake!)

Prior to Ash Wednesday this year, we did not have a Mardi Gras party as we did last.  But I wanted to try making a King cake.  I found this one:

Mam Papaul's Famous New Orleans Mardi Gras King Cake Mix with Praline Filling

It included a little plastic baby; note that you are not supposed to bake the baby in the cake. They recommend just placing it under someone's slice of cake, but that is dumb.  What I did was this - once the cake was cooled, I wheedled the baby into the seam where the cake had been rolled up after adding the praline mixture.  Then we frosted it, so no evidence was seen. Of course, I made sure Tyler got the plastic baby piece.  However, he was not impressed (thought it was creepy - it sort of was!).  I did not try it since I am avoiding gluten, but Paul, Kristin, and Tyler all seemed to enjoy it.

The cake, all decorated.

Inside Tyler's piece, the creepy baby.

Before I wrapped up the rest of the cake, I stuck the baby on top.  
Can you tell I had fun with this?

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