Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A New Front Door

Several years ago I bought a new doorknob and lockset for our front door.  The old lock was becoming more and more difficult to work.  The problem was - there would be a lot of work to be done to make the new one work.  We put it off many times because there was always something else to do.  Eventually the door lock was only working from the inside to lock us in.  Paul and I decided to look at getting a new front door.  We wanted one that was at least interesting (the old one was not) and one that would let in more light than the old door's four tiny windows along the top.  And of course, the door needed to look historical.  

We found one we liked.  It was a fair amount of work to do for Paul, but it was better to have him spend time working on a nice new door rather than spending the same time (or more) working on the old one but getting a less-than-desirable finished product in the end, due to the limitations of the old door.  I love the result, and it feels good to be able to lock the front door again when we leave the house!
The new doorknob lockset

We also got new hinges

Ta-dum!  A lovely new door!
(Note the beveled glass window)


Earl Mark said...

That is really great. It looks very ornate and fancy. That is definitely a look for a very specific house. I have always love the detail of these type of handles but it would just look over the top where I stay. At the moment we just have some stainless steel basic hardware on our door. I am very happy.

Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock

Celeste said...

Thanks Earl Mark! I didn't see your comment until today. The lockset we had before was very simple, but I do like the fancy ones.