Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kitchen Remodel Stages Update

It's time for a progress update on the stages of our kitchen remodel.  For Phase 6, the old sink is long gone, donated to someone who likes that sort of thing.  Paul is, at this very moment, roughing in the plumbing for the sink.  When done, he will wallboard and goop.  One that is done and painted, the bases can go in.  Phase 7 has the new upper cabinets hung with the exception of one.  We traded that one in for a slightly larger one, and Paul is tweaking the design so that we have a few more inches of counter space in the corner next to the fridge.  Phase 8 is mostly done.  That section just needs some more goop on the walls, and prime and paint.  Phase 9 - complete!  The floor is done and beautiful. And I am adding Phase 10 - Mini-pantry remodel.  We have a small pantry area, the size of a narrow, not-so-deep bookshelf, located as you head to the basement stairs (just inside the doorway in the photo below).  It was sort of made up of old, repurposed materials by a former owner, but Paul is going to replace the wood with nicer wood, so that will be divine!


The Phases (a  indicates completion):
  1. Make it livable (completed in 1988): remove "island", place south wall base cabinets and cheap countertop) 
  2. 2011-2012: New kitchen windows 
  3. 2012: North wall gutting, insulating, initial electrical, wallboard, and upper cabinets, west wall uppers 
  4. 2015: New basement laundry sink 
  5. Knotty pine removal, wallboard, and electrical for east and south walls 
  6. New base cabinets for north and west walls (including a blind corner cabinet with pull-out hardware for easy access), new sink (buh-bye old metallic monstrosity), built-in 18" dishwasher, adjustment of stove on north wall to accommodate new bases, new countertop
  7. New cabinets and countertop for east and south walls
  8. Knotty pine removal, electrical, and wallboard for last portion of south wall (no cabinets here)
  9. New Floor 
  10. Mini-pantry remodel

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