Sunday, March 22, 2015


We have had some delays in our kitchen.  The cabinets we had ordered were delivered, and unfortunately were mostly damaged/defective.  Very disappointing.  However, the company (Home Depot) has been very good about making this right.  They took back the whole order, no restocking fee, and gave us discounts on upgraded cabinets - much nicer ones than the ones we originally ordered!  The people at the store were aghast at how bad our order ended up.  We all talked about being perplexed as to why the cabinet company would have shipped out cabinets in that state.  Weird.  This has caused a delay in our cabinets, since the whole ordering process needed to begin anew.  Anticipated delivery date: April 2nd.

Our floor ended up not being restorable (technically we could have, but the result would have been unsatisfactory in too many ways), so we will have a new floor put in.  That was delayed a week due to illness of the contractor.  Anticipated start date: March 30th.

But, these delays are a good thing, because Paul became very sick this week (nothing serious, but incapacitating nonetheless).  He was not able to do much of anything.  There are some things that must be done prior to the floor installation.  So we are in this kitchen rehab limbo.  We still have a stove, sink, and running water in our mostly empty kitchen. Our refrigerator is in the dining room, along with some of the existing cabinets.  But we are not cooking much, and it is all chaotic and disorganized.  This is a challenge to live with. My mantra: It is not forever, it is not forever.  

Awaiting the chance to report exciting, happy news in two weeks.

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