Monday, March 30, 2015

Phase 9 (Floor) Ready to Launch

So, our floor in the kitchen has mushroomed into a whole new animal.  (In fact, the whole kitchen project has mushroomed, more on that later).  Our hopes of restoring the old floor were dashed: the floor boards were too damaged, to separated, and it would cost so much to restore it that it would cost more than a new floor. Plus the result would not be as nice. We made the decision to replace it.  And it's a good thing we did - the flooring contractor found that the sub-floor was water-damaged, weak, soft in some places.   Added to that, the existing floor smelled icky too, like old grease or something from bygone years spilled long before we moved here.  Buh-bye.

The workers started today, removing the yucky and placing the new sub-flooring.  Here are some photos of the empty room, the night before they started.  There is some weird brown paper-like substance on top of it all:

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