Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting Organized for Christmas

It is St. Nicholas Day today, and a good time to start decorating for Christmas.  We always are rather last-minute about decorations.  I am inspired to do some more organizing.  This week I have been going through papers, getting things filed, or shredded, or recycled.  I finally, finally sorted through this one bag that has been sitting in my closet/home office space since the beginning of time.  It is gone.  Everything in it dealt with at last.  As you may have guessed, the majority ended up in the trash or in the recycle bin.

Tyler and I began going through some of his toys to give away.  This made room in his closet for two bins that have been lurking about without a home.  One bin is computer parts and equipment, the other is our photo bin.  We cleaned out a section of Tyler's closet, near the sloping wall, and put them there.

This year I was inspired to get an Advent Wreath for my home.  I want to dress it up with some pine boughs.  We also have two Advent calendars, one religious, one with chocolate!  Tyler was very excited and I helped him light the first candle.

Happy Advent!



O Come, O Come Emmanuel


9peasMom said...

Celeste, HI!!!! It's me, Kathryn! I lost all my contacts and links a few years ago and life has been BUSY. It is SO good to find your blog again. How are you, I hope well! Happy (belated) Feast of St. Nicholas and early Immaculate Conception. It is SO good to find you again!

Celeste said...

Kathryn! It is so good to hear from you again! I will go right now and check out your blog. It's great to reconnect with you!

9peasMom said...

You too Celeste, your Grandson is getting so grown up, what a handsome fellow!

Celeste said...

Thanks. I sent you a message on Facebook too, by the way.