Friday, October 2, 2009

London Day 4 - Morning

On Saturday morning we went for our tour of the Shakespeare Globe theater. This was especially exciting for Kristin, who had spent three years in a wonderful homeschool Shakespeare class, saw many, many Shakespeare plays in Chicago and Milwaukee, and loves his works.

The Globe from the outside

A view looking down onto the stage

One of the roof peaks

Another view of the stage, showing the area where the "Groundlings" would stand. You can just barely see Elizabeth in the foreground. The Groundlings were the peasants of Shakespeare's time, who could not afford seats, so stood to watch the play. Kristin and I would do this as well on Monday night, when we were scheduled to see As You Like It.

After this we toured backstage, saw lots of costume and set exhibits, and swordplay practice. We also got to see the costumers dress up Courtney as Ophelia. She looked awesome. After this tour we were looking even more forward to the play the following Monday night.

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