Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Orderly Days - Part Two

Here is my continuation of this post where I introduced my Home Management Binder from Orderly Days (Update 10/13/08: Sadly, the website seems to be down right now. I don't know why or when it might return.). As I mentioned then, I have "tweaked" my binder to make it more useful to my particular situation. Here are some of the other things I have included in the binder:

Daily Task List from Monday

(This was placed in a Day Runner plastic protector sheet to allow use of the dry-erase markers. Tasks for morning and afternoon were completed and marked off with one of my dry-erase markers.)

Chore list "Let's Clean Up!" program

(Note that I re-wrote my inspirational quote onto nice paper with a rose next to it.)

Close-up of the chore list

The chore list is placed on the refrigerator. There are boxes to check off when a task is complete. If a chore isn't done, it can be put on the next day's list (that's where you see a number "1", indicating that the chore should have been done the previous day).

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