Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Cleaning!

I recently discovered, from a fellow blogger, these wonderful cleaning products from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. I ordered this Spring Cleaning set a few weeks ago, and began using it this week. It has a wonderful honeysuckle scent. Today, she is having a free shipping sale in honor of Spring arriving. Order before midnight today for the free shipping!

I have never been a "spring cleaner" before now. Actually, I have not been much of a housekeeper in general until very recently. I struggled for many years with the idea of housework, looking at it as mere drudgery with no higher purpose. But for the past five years (through the miracle of the internet!), I have "met" other women who view housekeeping as a noble occupation, an expression of love for God and family, and a surprisingly creative activity. I have recently felt a glow of contentment when I made my home cleaner and more welcoming. What a difference that change in attitude makes!

I had no real plans for an actual Spring Cleaning, but this past weekend an opportunity for one for my upstairs just happened by and I took it gratefully, although with much exhaustion once we were done. It was sort of a perfect storm of things all culminating in a massive cleaning. It all started because we were looking for a bookcase for our middle daughter, Kristin. We went to a furniture store with no other view in mind, although hubby and I had been discussing someday getting a new bed, since the old one was not at its best. We also have a difficult storage problem since our eldest daughter and our grandson live with us. So there we were at the furniture store, when we saw a bed that had tremendous storage, in that it is a Captain's bed with six drawers underneath the bed on both of the sides. To make a long story short, we are now the happy owners of a new bed and dresser/mirror.

The spring cleaning occurred because we decided that rather than giving away our old dresser, we would give it to our son, Robert, and give away his small chest of drawers. Since the dresser is larger, we had to move his bookshelf. We purged, dusted, vacuumed, moved, and vacuumed again. We did this same procedure with a piece of furniture in our eldest daughter's room. Julie no longer wanted her computer desk, since she now has a laptop from when she was in college last year. We took hers because it was nicer than ours. More purging, dusting, vacuuming.... and all those computer cords! So, all three bedrooms are now clean (except we still have a lot of clothing waiting to be put into drawers).

Oh, and we did find a bookcase for Kristin!


Jennie Chancey said...

Wonderful blog, Celeste! I love Mrs. Meyer's products, too. The lavender ones, especially! So, any chance we'll see pictures of your grandbaby on this blog? Blessings, Jennie C.

Celeste said...

Hi Jennie,
Thank you! Yes, I will be putting a picture of Tyler up soon. We took a cute one yesterday and I think it will just fit the bill!