Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Gardening (Finally)

After a very cold start to April, we finally have temperatures warm enough to allow gardening. Paul has been very busy starting seedlings (mostly flowers) indoors in the early spring, and has been transplanting them to the garden.  Yesterday we went to buy vegetable seedlings, plus some annuals for color.  I planted them, and it was so easy because Paul had thoroughly prepped the square-foot boxes for me.  So it basically took less than an hour to have my vegetable garden started:

The first four boxes planted, another box in the way back has chives that return each year, 
and Paul's innovative use of old windows as a modified greenhouse can be seen in the back. 

While we were working, a very friendly duck paid us a visit.

We nicknamed her "Soccer Duck".

As I was photographing her, she mistook my phone for food and reached up and nipped me by mistake.  It didn't hurt thankfully.  This photo is right before that, as she is reaching up!

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