Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vintage Book - With Stories Of Saints

A long time ago I had purchased a vintage book from childhood: This is Our Town.  I had always loved the stories in this book as a child.  Then, this week Tyler got an assignment in his Catholic PREP class regarding saints, and we needed to find some information on saints that might interest Tyler.

A tangent: I should mention a change that has occurred, resulting in Ty needing to attend PREP; he no longer goes to our local Catholic school, and needs his religious education to continue.  PREP is the modern day equivalent of CCD (for all of you vintage Catholics out there that may have attended this while going to public school).  Tyler had enjoyed our Catholic school since the beginning, but last year was troublesome and difficult for him. And rather lonely.  There were very few boys in his class.  Those that were there were each difficult in their own way.  The one that he could count as his friend lived far, and playdates were hard to arrange.  Two had various problems making friendship difficult.  The other two were very exclusive, and would not open their circle to any other boys.  Ty spent a sad and lonely year last year.  As much as we loved the school, and loved Catholic education, the sadness and loneliness were just not worth it.  So far, he is having a great year at public school, and PREP gives him his weekly religious education that is so important.  

So, back to the book - I remembered one of my favorite stories from This is Our Town.  It was about St. Christopher carrying the Christ Child across the river, and how heavy he got with each step.  This was because he carried the sins of the world - what a heavy load that is!  So I read the story to Ty.  He liked it too, and used St. Christopher as one of the saints for his assignment.

I love sharing old favorite books with my grandson!

How happy I was to have found this book again

Beautiful artwork

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