Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Woodwork Refinishing - Casings, Plinths, and Rosettes

Yesterday I did some work on the woodwork.  Many years ago we had our original pine woodwork reproduced by a lumber company.  We had ordered a lot, intending to replace all of the battered pine woodwork with new oak reproductions. We had gone through a lot of it. When this dining room partial-remodel-mushroom came about, I thought it would be nice to replace the doorway casings, plinth blocks, and rosettes in the dining room with the oak stuff.  We are not going to replace the pine casings around the windows in the dining room, because those windows are going to be replaced some day (drafty, awful).  Paul and I did a woodwork inventory and managed to scrounge up enough to take care of the two doorways. One half-dead plinth will need resuscitation (this time by Paul, not a nurse, but a darned fine woodworker).  Some of the long pieces were formerly window aprons (that go under the windows, with one side flat up against the sill), which he routed the flat edge to match the opposing round one.

I had previously stained them and put one coat of polyurethane on.  Yesterday I did coat two in the early afternoon, and Paul came home and finished them up in the evening.  Also, this past weekend we went out and bought the new door jambs, which have to go on before the casings.  So I will be working feverishly in the next few days to get them stained and polyed so Paul can put them up on the weekend.

Long casings in the yard.

Plinths and rosettes in the basement.  
Note the "patient" plinth mid-left.  He needs to be glued back together.  

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