Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Update

Paul finished unpacking all of the cabinets last night.  They are all gorgeous; we could not see any flaws or damage.  This is night and day from the first order/different brand.  It pays to upgrade: one can be too economical, to the point that the result is exponentially far worse than the dollar amount would lead one to believe (does that make sense?!).  

Paul has the gas pipe mostly moved.  He needs one more part and then just needs to hook up the new source.  He is also adjusting the electrical for the microwave to be placed above the stove.  I will paint the opposite two walls tomorrow or Friday.  Once that paint is dry we can put up the cabinets there.  As there are no wall adjustments, electrical changes or plumbing changes on that side, we can put in all of the cabinets, one by one, whenever we find the time.

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