Saturday, February 21, 2015

Laundering the Laundry Area

Part of our kitchen remodel involves fixing up our laundry area in the basement.  Paul very wisely realized that we would need a nice area to wash dishes in once our kitchen sink was removed.  Our laundry area, although it has a washer and dryer that I love, was not the most warm and fuzzy place to work in.  First, to update, I had posted previously on how we fixed up the old basement door to make it more weather-tight and to make it look more attractive (see post here).  Here is the finished door:

Once we removed the old sink and had the pretty new one installed, we saw how scary and dismal the surrounding area was:

So we removed the crackly old plaster, painted the wall behind where the sink, washer, and dryer go, and painted the floor:

Paul carefully painting around the new sink.

We chose a light green for the floor.  The Behr paint company calls it "Terrace View".  I like to think of it as Pistachio.

Another view, with the new sink.

We have to paint the floor in front of where the laundry is, fix the ceiling, and place wallboard back behind where we took out the scary plaster.  But we are on our way to a more beautiful laundry area.  Stayed tuned for further developments!


Lisa said...

I LOVE that door.

Celeste said...

Thanks! It's so much better than before, I like it now too!