Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tea Ladies and Little Golden Books

Once a month I play Mah Jong with some of my Tea Ladies. It's lots of fun: we have lunch (usually with a glass of wine or two!), then we play the game, and then dessert, with tea served throughout the afternoon. This time we were at my sister Barbara's house. She had the cutest book, Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book. This book takes the artwork from the Little Golden Books of years ago and compiles their sentiments into life advice. Much nostalgia to be had!  I was inspired to buy three more vintage books to add to My Kitten, which I bought recently. I bought Baby Listens, My Little Golden Book About God, and Georgie Finds a Grandpa.  

Tonight I opened up the packages and showed them to Tyler. He wanted me to read two of them to him. I made it through My Little Golden Book About God without a hitch, but when I started reading Georgie Finds a Grandpa, I simply could not get past the first few pages without crying! Such a sweet book, a happy ending, but I was caught up with feeling bad for Georgie in the beginning of the book, while reflecting on what a great grandpa Tyler has in Paul. Anyway, I turned the book over to Paul to have him finish reading it. Vintage books are such fun!


Lisa said...

I have no idea how to play Mah Jong, but it has a mystique for me - I'm reminded of some comics in the newspaper I used to read. Was it Steve Roper? There was a Chinese woman who played it, I think.

Celeste said...

We play a very uncomplicated version of it. My friend from Hong Kong tells us that we are playing the Chinese way, whereas in America, they play the American version with these special cards. That would totally confuse me. The way we play is more like Gin Rummy with tiles in a way. We really have a lot of fun with it!