Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life, Shaken AND Stirred

There is peril in becoming too comfortable in one's life.  I had a vision of working my job in the pediatric clinic for the rest of my career, helping my children and grandson (and future grandchildren) as best as I could, gardening, harping, costuming, and so forth.  But life has a funny way of, every now and then, throwing this over.  What is the expression?  "We plan, God laughs".

In less than one month, the following has occurred:

  • I received the news on Friday, September 13th that the public aid clinic I work in at the hospital is closing doors forever at the end of the year, meaning I was out of a job at that time.
  • I interviewed for a job in the same hospital on my old unit, found out I got it, will start in January with orientation, then go to night shift once orientation is over.  (Option to put my name on list for day or PM shift as they become available, but I will be on the bottom of that list).  
  • Paul, Julie, and I needed to meet with the principal at Tyler's school to discuss bullying by another child against Tyler.  After a nerve-wracking weekend, worrying about if the principal would take our concerns seriously and take action, we met Monday morning - it was a good meeting, and I feel hopeful the situation will be resolved.
  • Other family concerns, prayers that resolution of that is truly going to happen.
  • A minor car accident, my fault, a combination of being deep in thought regarding above, and a killer migraine.  No one hurt, minor damage to both vehicles.  
  • And the above mentioned migraine, three days worth, killer pain, Imitrex only helping somewhat.  I haven't been able to keep food down until this morning.  In the worst of the pain, I did wonder, "Why must I have this on top of everything else?".
I really do long for serenity.  I have read all sorts of things online about coming through the storm due to needed change.  I just wonder why now?  It feels rather dark now.  I think once the pain from the migraine is completely gone, I will play my harp and see if music will soothe this troubled soul.

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