Saturday, November 24, 2012

Partial Kitchen Remodel - Before

Our kitchen is undergoing a big change.  Not a complete remodel; that will be for the future as time and funds allow.  But we needed to re-wallboard the area below our two new windows.  It was a project that was going to be put off for a long time.  But then we decided to try refinancing our mortgage (still waiting on that; the appraisal came back lower than what it should be, and we are appealing it with the bank in an "Appraisal Desk Review"), and we had to have the house in the best shape it could be for that.  Paul and I discussed simply replacing the missing wallboard, but (with "gentle prodding" from me) were convinced it would be better to replace the whole wall.  We could then insulate, add electrical outlets/move to better locations, and most important: get rid of the horrid, knotty pine paneling and upper cabinets. 

The window wall before.  Note aforesaid horrid, knotty pine paneling and cabinets.  The windows were too long to place base cabinets below.  We will get to reconfiguring the dishwasher and sink cabinets in the future.  

This is our old, metal, 1950's base cabinet.  It is not in the best condition, or I might like it more.  This will have to stay in place for now.  You can sort of see the old knotty pines above it (And a hand with a measuring tape - this photo was taken in 2009, when we were contemplating re-doing this same area, but without the trouble and expense of replacing the windows with ones that would suit proper base cabinets.  We were getting measurements and photos to bring to the store.  We vetoed the idea and opted to wait until we could get the new windows).

Stay tuned for more progress pictures!

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