Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vintage 1940's Dress - Simplicity 1571

This is a dress I made a few years back.  I am posting it for a friend who asked about scalloped necklines.  This dress is from a vintage Simplicity dress from the 1940's.  I have the belt on it backwards because I need to re-do the buckle!  The dress has a side zipper to ease getting it over the shoulders.

The Pattern (I want to live like these ladies!)

The Dress (honestly, dress forms make one look so big.  Surely I am not that big in real life?!)

A close up of the bodice and scallops

Close up of the buttons

Put on your green floral hat, your sensible 1940's shoes, and your gloves and handbag.  You are ready to conquer the world!


Lyric said...

Why yes you would be ready to conquer the world. So darling.

Now, if only I could find such a pattern for this gal.

Thank you for the eye candy, Ms. C.

Lyric said...

Okay, Ms. Celeste:

I was taught "a closed mouth does not get fed" so here I go with a question. Would you sell me a copy of this pattern traced onto interfacing or something? Would you let me know at vs. on this public blog?

Thank you for your consideration.


Lyric said...

Hello, address sent to you via Yahoo. Did you finally get it?

Thank you.


Celeste said...

Yes, and I have sent the pattern!