Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Embroidering the Corset Cover

I finally made some progress on my Edwardian corset cover.  I cut out the fabric, tracing the cutting lines for the neckline and armholes and leaving extra fabric extending beyond the cutting line in preparation for finishing the edges with machine scalloping (the extra fabric will then be cut away along the edges of the scallops).  Here's progress so far:

The Pattern

Cut out and ready to start.  Note the extra fabric left on the armhole and neck edges (this is to make the sewing of the scallops easier, then the excess fabric is cut away along the edge of the scallops).  Also ignore the extra black lines where the scallops are traced on the pattern.  The pattern is drawn on the original with the scallops set for the small size.  I had to hand-draw the scallops in for my size so they would be symmetrical.  

Embroidering.  I used one of the designs on the Brother Embroidery Card #23 (Linen & Lace).  It was tricky, because I had to do a mirror-image for the other side of the front of the corset cover (never did that before with my machine!). 

Now, if I can ever get to ironing the pieces I will post a photo of the completed embroidery.


Lyric said...

Re: The Scallops

Can you clarify for me, are the scallops part of the pattern? It does not look as if they are. And, if they are not will you PLEASE explain to me how to incorporate them?

You see, I saw a 1950's dress pattern with a scalloped neckline and fell in love. I can not find the pattern in my size and really the bodice and skirt are no big deal, it is the scallops that make the look and I have been seeking to find out how to do that ever since I discovered the pattern.

I appreciate any advice you may give and thank you in advance. Not sure how I will know if you answer though; perhaps I need to bookmark this place and keep checking back.

Celeste said...

The scallops are. They are drawn on the pattern. View A and C are on the same piece, so you must trace the scallops onto your tracing paper. With this pattern, the fabric is unlined, and the scallops are edged with stitching. In another pattern I made, The scallops were faced (or as I did it - with a lining because I hate facings). So the bodice and lining (or facings) would be sewn together, right sides together for a smooth edge. I made a blog post about the dress here, where you can see the scallops: