Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Harp

At last I have found it - my harp piece for Easter Sunday! I had my Holy Thursday and Good Friday pieces figured out, but was stumped as to what to play for Easter Sunday. I wanted it to be pretty and happy, not necessarily flashy. My teacher had given me a book to try out a couple of weeks ago. I had penciled in some notes on the ones I liked. This one got the review of "gorgeous". So while searching through stacks of music (still stacks of music, as I have not yet done my organizing of it) for something to play, (rather frantically I must admit as time is of the essence here), I came across this book again. I saw my review at the top of the page, tried it out, and remembered why I gave it that review. Perfect! Even the name is appropriate. I have one week to learn it well and get it to performance level. But it is so pretty I won't mind hearing it over and over again every day as I practice it during Holy Week.

To the harpists out there: the book is The Dawning of The Day, arrangements by Laurie Rasmussen, published by Lorelei Music (may be out of print).

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