Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Kitchen Windows!

Paul installed our new kitchen windows! I am so happy. This is the first step in someday remodeling our kitchen. The old ones were not only drafty and old and horrible, they were also too long, making it impossible to install cabinets in front in our tiny kitchen. Not good, when every inch counts. Now they are the proper height to place base cabinets and a counter top underneath. There is more work to be done, as you can see below:

We have to put up the siding again where it was removed. We will have to order more, as many of the old pieces split during removal (in spite of Paul being extra careful). But the insulation is on, the windows are caulked. The inner windows have their exterior sides painted. All that is left is to stain and polyurethane the interior sides.

Tyler has been a "helper" again. (Although he proved himself rather adept at removing nails from the siding pieces.) He found Paul's stud finder in the toolbox and was intrigued. So we brought him inside and showed him how it worked - hours of fun:

We are praying for a few more nice weekends so we can get the exterior a little farther along before the real cold sets in. But I am happy with the thought of a warm kitchen this winter!

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