Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy Weekend

This past weekend included both Prom for Robert, and Mother's Day for Julie and me. Getting Robert ready for for Prom was fun for me: just in helping him with this totally un-Robert-like event, and for the gentle razzing I gave him. I was glad to offer pearls of wisdom on gentlemanly behavior, and corsages and such. I also had fun teasing him a bit about meeting the young lady's family and all of the potential hazards that could go along with that (stumbling up the stairs on the way to the door, being unable to think of what to say). But Robert handled it all with grace, and they both had a wonderful time. Here they are at a friend's for pre-Prom photos:

The following day was Mother's Day. I was having a hard time at first, in spite of the lovely breakfast and gifts I received. I had been trying to reduce my pain medication, but this was a terrible idea, as my post-surgical pain became very bad. I felt very helpless, like this would all be forever, that I was old, and other depressing thoughts like that. I rested a bit, then we all went out to dinner together. Finally, Paul and I had some quiet time together which really has been missing these past two weeks. He has been so busy doing the heavy lifting (literally and figuratively) around here, and taking care of me and Tyler. There was no time for us. So it ended up being a very nice Mother's Day, and gave me a good start to this week with feelings of hope and happiness.

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