Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Time In The Forest

There is an area at the back of our lot that is almost like a mini-forest. This year we decided to make it a more useable space for our grandson to play in. We cleared weeds and underbrush, moved stones and brick and yard equipment, and spread red bark chips down for cushioning. It's just right for a little boy to have adventures in. Tyler has had a lot of fun there, often hiding and pretending to be a dinosaur. I find it cool and soothing. When I am in the forest I often hear in my mind a piece by harpist Andreas Vollenweider that I love, called The Years in the Forest (hear the music here).

Yesterday, I finished making a new toy for Tyler using this pattern. I hid the little leopard in the forest for him to find:

A leopard hiding in the forest


Cuddling with a "lion"

A happy boy!


Natalie L. said...

That is just so incredibly adorable!! I can't wait to make one of my own.

Celeste said...

Thanks! It's a fairly easy pattern. The hard parts are placing the tummy darts (you can't really mark them on a towel - I just sort of eyeballed them), and the fact that the towel ravels while you are sewing it. I'm thinking about possibly enlarging the pattern too, just a bit, by copying the pattern at Kinkos a small percentage larger.