Thursday, July 16, 2009

Playing Harp Again

After months of a creative abyss, I have begun playing my harp again. I would play sporadically, but I was not working in a manner that would improve my playing or prepare a piece for performance. There is nothing worse than a lull in creativity. This affected not only my harp playing, but my sewing as well. The problem was a combination of stress, work overload, and taking care of everyone but myself. But I have taken steps to alleviate that (having Julie take more control of Tyler's care, being more assertive at work with not being sucked into working more shifts than I want to, having my children do more chores, and not feeling guilty about having a life outside of housework, family care, and work).

So, I am working on the following pieces:

  1. La Source by Alphonse Hasselmans (difficult, challenging piece, totally gorgeous)
  2. Romanza (guitar piece, anonymous composer/arranged for harp by Barbara Brundage)
  3. Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster (19th century nostalgic piece)
  4. Requiem by John Rutter (piece for choir and orchestra, to be performed by my church choir in the spring)

One thing I know is that life is very dull without music, and I am so glad that I can be creative in this way.

My pedal harp, a Salvi Diana


Gillian said...

Your harp is beautiful. And I love, love, love the Rutter Requiem - I was privileged to be able to sing the solo in the final movement, Lux Aeterna, at my church a few years ago... one of my favourite moments!

Also, you are motivating me to get back into practising *before* the beginning of the semester forces me into it! Thanks :)

Celeste said...

Glad to hear it!
It is so nice to be back playing again. There is nothing worse than a creative block. I have been listening to the Requiem, even during my abyss, so I at least was familiarizing myself with the part that way. But it is so much better to actually play the part rather than sitting on the sidelines, so to speak.