Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bathroom Remodel, Part II

Here are some more pictures of our progress. What can I say other than - it is simply divine to have a tub!

Our new tile. What a change from the old icky green tile from before!

The new tub! We expanded both out and up. We expanded into a walk-in closet/nursery to give us more room, and we also got rid of the dropped ceiling (which was so low it blocked off the top level of glass in the glass block window), which makes the room seem bigger and more airy, plus exposing the top level of glass block brings in a lot more daylight. In this photo, we do not yet have the shower enclosure, sink or toilet in. But we do have a little critter enjoying his very first bath in the tub.

Pure delight. A happy baby, splashing in the tub!


true blessings said...

Love the tub!! I also need to buy one for our house that is being constructed, & a clawfoot tub is going to be my splurge, I wanted to ask you how long is your tube, we have a very small bathroom...thanks

Celeste said...

Hi and thanks! Our tub is 67" long, but there was a shorter one we were considering first. You see, with our bathroom, we had to make sure the tub was not too wide where the faucet was, since we had to fit the sink and toilet on the same narrow wall. So we got a tub by American Bath Factory called the "Monroe" which is tapered at the front. This works perfectly, because it leaves enough room for the sink. Paul had to angle it slightly too, but you cannot tell at all when looking at it that it is not exactly centered.

Here is the link for the tub:

They also have a shorter one called the "Ascot". We tried it out at Lowe's where they had one on display. It was darling, very compact, but since we had the length rather than the width, we went with the longer, but tapered tub.

Here is the Ascot:

One thing Paul did was to request the specifications for the two tubs. This showed all of the measurements, top and bottom, inside and out, which helped so much with the planning. Vintage Tub used to have them right on the page, but maybe you have to e-mail and ask. It was in pdf format, so they could easily e-mail them.

Hope that helps!

Becky said...

I love your tun. I wanted that kind of tub in our new home but cost was prohibitive. Enjoy!
Becky (form s&S)