Monday, October 6, 2008


A once in a lifetime thing, that the odds of success seemed astronomical, but they pulled it off:

All of the first cousins who are the children of my sisters and me got together and went to a White Sox baseball game. We didn't think it would work because my eldest sister's son lives in Indiana and works long hours and rarely is able to visit. My middle sister's oldest son is married with two children and another almost due, and he also works long hours. My son was able to get out of football practice early for the trip down to the South side, and my two daughters and middle sister's younger son just happened to be available too.

They went to the game, had a blast together, caught up with each other and in some cases, really got to know each other for the first time as adults/near adults. Too bad the Sox lost. But the bonding of the cousins was the inportant thing. Here they are:

L to R: Lenny, Steve, Kristin, Julie, Robbie, and Dave

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