Tuesday, April 3, 2007


In August of last year, I became a grandmother for the first time when our eldest daughter delivered a darling baby boy. I was not expecting this to happen so soon, but I am so grateful to have our grandson alive and well and in our lives. He is a joy!

Our household needed to go through a big adjustment; we were not thinking we would have grandchildren so soon. But we just shoehorned him into our relatively small house by making a nice basement bedroom for our middle daughter, and giving her tiny bedroom to our grandson.

One of my biggest enjoyments with him is going for long strolls outside in the fresh air. I was very concerned when I first broke my ankle in February, that our walks would be put off indefinitely until I was all healed. My healing has gone along quite well, and I'm happy to say that our long walks have resumed as the weather has become nicer.

I don't know how long our daughter and grandson will be staying with us. I am happy for them to stay as long as need be. He has brought the whole family closer together. He is a gift, a precious gift.

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FarmGirl4Jesus said...

Aye, babies are loads of fun! :D
Congratulations. :)